NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Long Sleeve.
NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Long Sleeve.
NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Long Sleeve.
NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Long Sleeve.

NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Long Sleeve.

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No King But Christ. It's a phrase that–while there is much debate over where [some form of] it originated–is certainly seen throughout the bible as a principle to which all Christians must hold to.

But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men. – Acts 5:29 ESV

America was born out of the belief in appealing to a higher authority than the king, King George III. America will soon again divide and what will emerge will be sheep and goats.

Countries around the world are currently experiencing persecution this very moment– a manner of which most Christians couldn't imagine. And yet there remains a remnant of faithful believers.

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