NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Hoodie. Unisex.
NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Hoodie. Unisex.
NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Hoodie. Unisex.

NO KING BUT CHRIST. The Hoodie. Unisex.

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No King But Christ. It's a phrase that – while there is much debate over where [some form of] it originated – is certainly seen throughout the bible as a principle to which all Christians must hold to.

But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men. – Acts 5:29 ESV

America was born out of the belief in appealing to a higher authority than the king, then King George III. America will soon again divide and what will emerge will be sheep and goats.

Countries around the world are currently experiencing persecution this very moment – a manner of which most Christians couldn't imagine. And yet there remains a remnant of faithful believers who will not bow to Caesar.

Theologica is a Latin form of the word we know as "theology", or the study and knowledge of God. You may have heard of the Summa Theologica, or the "Summary of Theology", by Thomas Aquinas, known as one of the greatest philosophers and Christians of all time. But the brand is no homage to Aquinas– rather the idea of Theologica, or Theology, is all centered on Jesus, the Son of God. The brand is built on this premise: theology matters. We love God by knowing God. Would you join us in glorifying God in the public square, so that others may be inspired to ask us about our great God, and that we may glorify Him in word and deed.


These shirts are as solid as they come ladies and gents….

Scripture to grab somebody’s attention and extremely comfortable!!

I’ll definitely be ordering more!!

Spencer B.

Sunshine and cool weather is the perfect time to wear what has become one of my favorite articles of clothing. Thank you for a quality shirt with quality print. If you want comfortable Christian apparel check out Theologica!

Jenna F.