SLAVES. The Mug.
SLAVES. The Mug.

SLAVES. The Mug.

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Romans 6:18

"and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness."

No longer are we in Egypt. We have been set free from bondage. But let us not run recklessly in our freedom– but rather obey our Master in Heaven. We are slaves of righteousness now!

Avid coffee and tea connoisseurs, you have found your match. Enjoy your daily cup with this mug. Trying to cut back on the coffee? Go with the small size (or consult another doctor). 😉 

This mug is safe to throw in the dishwasher, but not safe to throw at your children. Please drink responsibly. 

White Ceramic Mug

.: Microwave safe & dishwasher safe
.: White ceramic
.: Rounded corners
.: C-Handle
.: 11oz. (3.7 in. height) and 15oz. (4.7 in. height)

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Theologica is a Latin form of the word we know as "theology", or the study and knowledge of God. Thomas Aquinas, known as one of the greatest philosophers and Christians of all time, authored the Summa Theologica, or the "Summary of Theology". The brand is built on this premise: theology matters. We love God by knowing God.